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Makoto Kino
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Miss Independent Miss Self-Sufficient

Years and years and years ago, the princess of the moon was guarded by four sailor senshi. Then rocks fell, everyone died. The princess and her guardians were reincarnated, one of them being Makoto, a.k.a. Sailor Jupiter. Makoto's parents died in an airplane crash when she was little, and so has taken care of herself ever since. Due to this, she is very well organized, and is an excellent house keeper. She can cook, clean, loves taking care of gardens, and aspires to own a cake and flower shop while marrying young. This romance-novel reading feminine beauty may sound like a very gentle woman...which she isn't.

Makoto is the muscles of the senshi group. She kicks ass, and takes names. She practices martial arts and takes on several sports, enjoying the competition and taking others down. She isn't afraid to stand up for other people, and take down any kind of bully. She even ran out in the middle of a busy street to rescue Usagi/Sailor Moon from an oncoming truck. The woman barely knows fear. However, she doesn't like being a tomboy, and wishes she could be more girly (Even though, if one got to know her, she's quite girly, no matter how hard she can't see it herself.)

She is also boy-crazy. After a bad relationship with an older sempai, she now sees his face in every cute boy she meets. She easily falls in love, and hopes to get married as soon as possible. This is another reason why she wishes to be less of a tomboy, so she can really attract a boy.

But, onto the Sailor business. Shortly after meeting and befriending Usagi, she discovered she was Sailor Jupiter. She willingly joined the fight, and to help find the princess. Her attacks focus mainly on lightning and electricity, but on occassion they can be plant based. After harnessing these abilities, she has become more in tune with the weather, and can sometimes predict when a storm is approaching. (And give VERY nasty static shocks when she is sick.) These attacks include calling upon lightning which goes through her tiara and then shoots out at foes, and using her rose-scented earrings as projectiles. She will always protect her friends, and the innocent in need. She'll whup your butt seven ways to Sunday, then go home and make a nice meatloaf while reading Seventeen magazine.
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